Top Dating Tips for Women


Top Dating Tips forWomen

Scottsdale Matchmaker’s Top Dating Tips for Women

It seems like everyone has advice on the rules of dating.  How do you know which ones to follow?  Enter each new date on a positive note by following the Scottsdale Matchmaker’s advice. These Top Dating Tips for Women work for women of all ages.

Appearance.  Dress for the date. Actually put some thought into it. If you have a corporate job and usually dress in power suits, soften the look for your weeknight date by taking off the jacket, replacing pants with a skirt and putting on fresh makeup. For a casual weekend date, choose clothing that fits well and looks polished. Dating is a leisure activity, but always show your feminine side in the way you appear.

Compliment. Find one thing that looks great on him and say it out loud. It can be anything from what he’s wearing, to the venue he picked out to meet, something he accomplished or even a funny story. The only rule here is to be sincere. Most of us can tell if someone is genuine or not. Look for ways to compliment your date and you’ll be sure to find them. It’s fun!

Cultivate. Like you’d do with a garden, give the relationship time to grow and unfold.  Yes, you want to be with someone you find compatible but men know when you’re interviewing or crossing items off your list. It makes them become guarded. They’ll only give out limited information. Dating isn’t an interview but an opportunity to have fun experiencing someone knew. Let that garden—or container plant—grow!

Enjoy! Keep it light and have fun. Be in the moment! Show your date that you know how to have fun. Give them a reason to look forward to the next date.

Politeness. If he holds the door open for you, go with the flow. Of course he knows you are capable of opening the door yourself—he’s just being nice so allow for some chivalry! Good manners will be appreciated and remembered by your date.

Tolerance. Okay perhaps the service sucks, the food isn’t great but it’s not the end of the world. Either ignore it or laugh about it. While you’re complaining about your job, the food, politics, religion or other people, he’s picturing future dinners and what you’ll be saying after you meet his friends. Skip the complaining. Chances are you’ll find that you will find you are having a better time.

Adventure. Remember you are on the date to learn more about him so ask him questions. But don’t interview.  Allow things to unfold in a natural way. And even ask him to ask you a question, if you know you’ve got a good answer: “Ask me about my last flat tire!”

Negate. Yes, negate any desire to cut yourself down, hoping your date will say something nice about you. If you get a compliment from your date, say thank you! Stop there!  Don’t invite your flaws along and certainly don’t talk about them—this is all about having fun and being adventurous!

Comedy. Find humor in the joke or funny story your date tells you or tell a funny story yourself. Make a personal decision that you’ll have a good time and find ways to laugh as long as you aren’t making fun of anyone else. Humor brings lightness to any situation.

Evade. Skip talk about the future, or wanting to get married and have babies, even if that is your deepest desire. It’s a little scary to talk about the future and it might make you sound desperate.

Now read down the left part of the Top Dating Tips for Women list. You’ll see the word “acceptance.” The reason it’s part of this list is because when you are dating, an attitude to acceptance will open lots of doors. Acceptance will also give you greater insights into the layers your date is bringing into the experience. There may come a time when you’ll have to make a judgment about whether to date him again. But cross that bridge when you come to it. Until then keep your mind open until that time arrives.

Follow these top dating tips for women and you will soon find yourself dating the right one. Click here for more free dating advice for women.

Joann Cohen,

Phoenix Dating Coach

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