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Are You Making the Top Mistakes in Meeting Women?


As a Dating Coach and Matchmaker, I have taken men into the real world on field trips to meet women. I’ve seen common mistakes men make when trying to meet women. Review this list and see if you make any of these Top Mistakes in Meeting Women.

1. The most common mistake men make in meeting women is they hesitate to approach. It’s  a guaranteed result. You lose out on opportunities to meet attractive women because you delay. By the time you figure out what to say or gets the nerve to talk to her –  the woman is gone. Or you hang around a long time and keeps looking at a woman, trying to get your nerve to approach her. Women interprets this hesitation a lack of confidence, being timid or just a wuss. And women aren’t attracted to the timid guy.  To avoid this common mistake in meeting women, make sure you approach within 5 seconds whenever whenever you get a woman’s welcoming smile.

2. Pickup Lines. Men think they need a clever line, trick or technique when approaching women. Knowing what to say is a top stresser for men. Relax. Studies have shown that what we say is only 6% of making a great first impression. So many men focus on that small 6% and neglect the other 94% that they can do to create attraction. There are no good pickup lines. Keep it simple and genuine. That makes it easy to approach in the first 5 seconds!

3. Men focus on pleasing women. You  forget the point of meeting women, is to find someone you are interested in.  Instead you focus on having the woman like you.  You want to focus on finding out more about her– in order to see if you like her. You want to meet women to see when talking to determine if they share interests, find each other funny and interesting enough to want to see them again. Women can sense when you’re trying to just please them and that puts you in the wuss category again.

4. Not Staying in the Moment. Often When men meet women, they don’t focus or listen to what the woman is saying. Instead they are trying to think of the next question or line. A woman can easily pick up  that the man isn’t really listening. The conversation seems stilted and forced which isn’t fun. If you listen to the woman then you’ll know what to say next – the conversation flows.

If any of these sound like you, remember you want to present the best you – but it’s the real you. You want a woman who finds you attractive and funny and not a false front that you won’t be able to maintain. To meet “the woman” – try to meet women all over and have fun conversations. The top thing any man can wear isn’t a Rolex but confidence and humor.

And ladies, it’s okay to give the guys a break when they approach. They’ve usually got the toughest part in approaching us. Let’s make it as easy as possible. Remind yourself you can often find a real great guy under his nervous approach. Think it’s easy? Try switching it up for a day and  approaching attractive men. You’ll gain new empathy for men  allow yourself to be open to meet a great guy who is hiding under a bit nervous.

Joann Cohen,

Phoenix Dating Coach

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