What Does Your Prince Charming Look Like?

how to meet the right manHas He Found You Yet – What Does Your Prince Charming Look Like?

As a little girl, you way have dreamed of getting swept away by Prince Charming. In your mind, you knew exactly what he would look like… tall, handsome and have a head full of hair. It doesn’t help that growing up we were bombarded with images of the perfect prince and what he would/should look like. So as a little girl, if you knew you would marry a shorter, balding man you most likely cry and ask for an immediate rewrite of your fairytale. But through experience, you hopefully learned there is much more than just looks.

As the Phoenix Matchmaker I’ve heard many women talk about going on a date with that “guy” that is perfect in the looks department. But once getting to know him, you realize there just isn’t a connection or he doesn’t have the personal attributes you are looking for in a man. He may be… well as interesting as a …rock. A guy can be wonderful to look at, but if there is no chemistry, then he’s not the right one for you.

Of course, it is important to have some sort of physical attraction. Though once getting to know a man and his true nature, it can easily grow or lessen the physical attraction you feel towards him. A man can easily grow more handsome in your eyes, after you get to know his amazing personality. Or he can grow to look more like a toad, if he is a jerk.

You may have that gorgeous girlfriend who is with someone who you think does not come close to her level of attractiveness. You may think she deserves a Brad Pitt, while she chooses to date a Lyle Lovett. But beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and the man she is dating may bring her more happiness and laughter than any Brad Pitt look-a-like could. I had a client who has a devoted boyfriend who some may view as unattractive, while she’s quite hot stuff. So why is she with him? He treats her like a princess; plans unique and fun vacations, he makes her laugh, they have a fantastic time when they’re together, she feels appreciated by him and he makes her laugh. Don’t you want a relationship like that?

What Does Your Prince Charming Look Like?

That is why next time you get hit on by a man, who does not fit your typical attractiveness standards, try giving him a chance. There may turn out to be no chemistry at all, or it could be a true match made in heaven.

Looks do fade over time, but the personality will stay. I am absolutely not saying to settle and make a classified that states “Looking for Unattractive Man”, but what I am saying is to be open to getting to know someone before writing him off. That man that hit on you, may turn out to blow your little girl image of Prince Charming out the window.

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Your Prince Charming Look Like?

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