What is Your Dating Plan?

What is your dating plan?Looking for Love?

What is Your Dating Plan?

In other blogs, there has been dating advice about where to find singles. Next, what’s the plan to meet those great singles? What is Your Dating Plan?

A plan? Isn’t that a four letter word? Shouldn’t romance just happen? Or if I really want to meet someone shouldn’t I be out looking every free moment?
The key to finding love is to take smart action. Making a plan that you can and will commit to gets you into action. I have many singles who tell me about their plans. These singles think about going out. They are waiting until friends are available to go with them. Or waiting till they lose weight or feeling “in the mood”. The problem is they never get into action. They are still waiting and still single.

And you don’t want frantically engage in a frenzy of activities desperately looking for that special someone. This often leaves us tired, burnt out and staying home once again. I had a client that had no social life and then changed to going to singles events every night of the week. In no time, he was tired, stressed and it felt like another job. The key is balance. Meeting someone should be part of your life – but not your whole life.

Get into Action – What is Your Dating Plan?

Look at your life and see what is a realistic number of events or places that you can commit to going to each month. If you do more than that number – terrific! They key is to commit to the minimum that you will do. It’s a plan that fits in with your activities with friends, family and normal activities of living life (cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and all those fun activities that we still need to get done). Then look at places, events, every day life that you think the type of person you will meet would go. Remember – not where you want to go – but the type of person you want to meet would go. I love shoe sales but not a great place to meet single men. That’s what girlfriends are for. Finally – write those events on your calendar and go.

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