What Woman Captures a Guy’s Attention

what men find attractiveWhat Woman Captures a Guy’s Attention?


Guys like a lot of different types of women.  As a Phoenix Matchmaker, I know – men  like Different types of women. What Woman Captures a Guy’s Attention? – All Types!

Most people assume guys want a woman who looks like a supermodel. But as I’ve talked to all sorts of clients over the years, I’ve found one surprising conclusion:

Different guys are attracted by every different type of woman.

Large, tiny, career-oriented, domestic, colorful and artistic, quiet and shy, talkative, or athletic, if there is a type of female, then there is a guy that gets all hot and bothered about that type.

But in my experience coaching men on their dates, there are four traits that capture a guy’s attention more than others.

1. She values herself: Women  who have high self-esteem are much more attractive than women who don’t value themselves. Guys respect and are attracted to a woman who holds herself in high regard.

A woman could be overweight, but if she values herself, then a lot of guys will find her very sexy.

However, if she is drop dead gorgeous, but all she ever talks about is how ugly she is, then most guys won’t find this attractive and are quickly bored.

2. She is positive and optimistic: It is reported that people like others who make them feel good about themselves.

Women who are optimistic and positive make men feel good about their life. Many guys want a girl who smiles often, laughs a lot, and enjoys her life.  These women focus on the good in life and are like a breath of fresh air.

Therefore, these women are chased more by guys than the girls who are always stressed and focus on the negative aspects of life.

3. She exudes femininity: Women who have feminine traits are more wanted by men.

This is one reason why women who are more focused on their career struggle to find a connection with most men.  When I say feminine, I don’t mean like a housewife… I mean that she exudes many feminine qualities.  She is pretty and dresses like a woman. She is sensitive and emotional. If she is happy, then she bursts forth with happiness, and if she is sad it is easy to see that in her.

Feminine women are very ‘in-the-moment,’ and can create a very strong feeling of attraction in men. These are the type of women that can make a guy forget about the world around him and get lost in her wide, sparkling eyes.

4. She is attractive:  Even though men like all types of women, there are some things women can do to be more attractive.

Be clean, smell nice, wear a modest amount of makeup, and accentuate your strengths.  Women who wear flattering clothes and take care of their health are more attractive to men.  So put away the clothes that let you hide, and draw attention to your positive features – every woman has them.

Any woman can be attractive to certain men – she just needs to focus on showcasing the uniquely beautiful aspects of herself.

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