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You don’t want to date coworkers. You’re not too keen on the grocery produce man who always winks at you. And you certainly aren’t going to date that creepy neighbor guy who is always staring at your feet. So where to meet men?

That’s a question I get all the time as an Arizona matchmaker and dating coach, enough times that I’ve compiled a list of the top six overlooked places where to meet men.

You’re ready to meet Mr. Right and know how to avoid the biggest mistakes women make in meeting men.

Group Activities
Group activities rock for meeting people in general, and guys in particular, since you have tons of opportunities to create natural conversation and get to know people beyond a first glance. You can also see in a non-pressure way how you interact with someone. From kickball teams to volunteer work, there’s got to be a few groups you would be interested in trying.

If you’re a runner, do a race. Heck, if you’re not a runner, do a race. Runners can mingle with fellow runners after the event while non-runners can volunteer to check people in or help out at the end of the race.

If physical activities aren’t your thing, you can still participate in groups at bars – teams that play darts, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble or other board or quiz games. While the shot slamming group may sound enticing, remember you’re looking to meet men, not get drunk and stupid.

Meetups are casual get-togethers with local folks who share a common interest. The Meetup website showcases the world’s largest network of local groups, with hundreds in and around Phoenix alone. Meetups are an awesome option for joining a group that engages in one of your hobbies, passions, business interests or other interests. Most of the Meetups are free, and choices range from hiking to photography, writing to wine lovers.

Comedy Classes
Don’t all gals like a funny guy? You have a good chance of finding one at comedy and improv classes. For some reason, a lot of single men take comedy classes. Don’t ask why – just sign up! Comedy classes are a perfect place to loosen inhibitions, connect with your classmates and share a ton of laughs.

Sporting Events
Basketball, baseball, football, tennis. College, professional, semi-pro. The type and level of sporting event you attend doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you talk to strangers, both men and women. If you appear to be open, the right guy is more likely to approach.

Financial Seminars on Wealth Management
This option is a brilliant one, as one of my friends can attest. My 50-something pal was discouraged about meeting Mr. Right, so I told her to head on over to a wealth management seminar. She sat next to an attractive, charming and successful man who later walked her to her car and got her number.

Yes, I’ve heard the horror stories of guys who were nothing like their profiles, men who were still married or others just looking for a quickie hookup. But that doesn’t mean you should cross the online scene off your list. Online dating lets you look for a cool guy after a hard day’s work when you’re just not in the mood to go out. Where else can you see so many options all in one spot? (And don’t say the state prison.)

Besides, if you’re honestly looking to meet your forever guy, a 45-minute coffee date with a number of potentials is a smart use of your time.

Blind Dates
Again, a blind date won’t kill you. So say yes to them! Yes, this includes those initiated by a friend who has a history of setting you up with the totally wrong guy. Even if the guy isn’t right for you, you can practice your tolerance and social skills.And he might have a friend that he can introduce you to or you have a girlfriend that is perfect for him. Don’t overlook the possibilities.

Bonus Tip
So you’re at the activity or event but are afraid to approach an attractive guy? Tell him your friend is an Arizona matchmaker and you’re helping her get new clients. If the man is single, he may very well ask about your status – and your phone number. And if not, send him my way to become a client.

These six overlooked places where to meet men, gives you an awesome place to start. Remember to try a variety of things. Because there isn’t just one place where all the good guys are. And when you do see an attractive man, remember to flirt to draw him to you.

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