Where to Meet Singles?

Where to Meet Singles?

Looking for Love? Where to Meet Singles?

As The Phoenix Dating Coach, One of the most popular dating questions I get asked – “Where to Meet Singles?” Of course, my answer is always, “Where do you NOT meet singles ?” At this point, most clients want to shake me violently: “JUST TELL ME WHERE!”

Often singles are told to do what they love. Then they will find the opposite sex with similar interests at the same event. So this popular dating advice is – do what you love and she or he will be waiting. Well, most have found that advice doesn’t often work in the real world. You may be a lady that loves art fairs, museums, and art galleries but how many single men do you find there? Experience will usually tell you – not many. Or if you are a man and love motorcycles, how many single women do you find are at the rally? Often you’ll find that those who do attend, are with dates.

So what do you do? Simpl3. You want to go where who you want to meet would go. Think about the person you want to meet. What would be his or her interests, hobbies and activities? Where would he or she go? Chances are that someone special you want to meet, is not going to have all the same interests and hobbies as you. So brainstorm on what type of things they would enjoy doing. And that’s where you go.

“But Joann, I don’t like financial seminars!” as one of my female clients moaned to me. I reminded her that the type of men she was interested in would be at that event. Her goal in attending, was to meet men, not necessarily to learn about diversifying her portfolio (she really hated financial information).  And men may not get all excited about pottery but an art fair would be a great place for men to meet women.

Where to Meet Singles?

There are many, many places to meet singles. Look for the places the person you are looking for would be. Looking for a dog lover – how about a dog park, dog cafe, or volunteering with an animal rescue. Want someone who is fit and physically active? Think about volunteering at a 10k, marathon or other type of race. Like a man who is handy around the house – how about going to Home Depot, Lowes or taking a carpentry class? Want to meet a woman who enjoys creating great food? What about a cooking class?

Of course, once you are in a place where there are singles you want to meet, you have to take the next step – flirt! Click for dating advice on simple beginning flirting techniques to attract and meet singles.

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