Where to Meet Singles in Phoenix

where to meet singles in Phoenix

Wondering Where to Meet Singles in Phoenix?


A few days ago while browsing a Barnes and Noble Book Store a man flirted with me. Afterwards I thought how this Barnes & Noble has been very, very good to me in meeting men! And this is in Mesa, AZ! (If you know Arizona – Mesa isn’t exactly known for having lots of singles). But during weekend days I have met several single men wandering the aisles.

I doubt Barnes and Noble attracts any more singles than other large book store chain. But bookstores do attract people like me or perhaps people looking to meet someone like me. So I recommend it for fellow book worms. I’ve met men all over the store with the most common being the Relationship/dating section. Which makes sense. In the dating book section there’s a good chance that the other person you see there is single too.

When you have a weekend afternoon free – try a large bookstore. While you walk the aisles, remember to check out the customers too. Starting in the dating section makes it easy to start a conversation! Ask for your target’s opinion on a good book, tell them yours about your favorites (just don’t make it the Pickup Artist if you want her to talk back.) or give your funny comment about relationship books. It’s easy and natural to start a conversation and you actually might learn something too!

Where to Meet Singles in Phoenix? Try your local bookstore for an easy start.

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Joann Cohen,

Phoenix Dating Coach

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