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Where to Meet Singles in Scottsdale


As a Scottsdale Matchmaker, I am always on the lookout for places where to Meet Singles in Scottsdale . Let’s face it. Once we’re out of our early 20s, there are fewer places that only singles congregate. And as you get into your 40s, single places drop dramatically with mainly singles your age. If you re-enter the singles world in your 40s or 50s, you may not have a clue to Scottsdale dating and where the singles are.

This doesn’t mean give up for Scottsdale dating. You simply need to expand the places you look. This is a perfect time to try a new activity or hobby that you have been thinking of. Read to find  Where to Meet Singles in Scottsdale. If you don’t live in Arizona, you can still look online at yelp or other online event calendars to find similar things.

Scottsdale Quarter in Scottsdale has new stores and clubs continually opening up. It ranges from ice cream parlors to fine dining. That means it’s a great place to meet singles as there are all types of Scottsdale Singles. Usually this is a busy place and even weekend nights, you’ll find a stream of people on the streets. Yes – you can meet singles simply by walking down the street. I have taken male clients there to practice approaching women on the streets. Both were successful meeting and talking with single women. So if you’re a Scottsdale Single, this is a great place to meet other Scottsdale Singles on the street.

Where to meet Singles in Scottsdale!

Another cool thing about the Scottsdale Quarter is they have nightclubs for different ages. If you are 40+, drop into the Prime Bar. This has a large over 40+ crowd and great happy hour. Unlike many over 40 clubs, the crowd grows during the evening instead of growing deserted at 9 PM. You’ll find women dressed from jeans to club dresses. As usual, men are more casual and the long sleeved shirt and jeans will work fine. Just skip the shorts and flip flops if you’re serious about meeting a woman.

Looking for a younger crowd? Take the escalator upstairs to Salt which is a chic hangout for 20s to early 30s. Or stroll over to Kierland and stop by Zinc, Greenhouse or other restaurants to find singles.

For the women looking for their rugged hunter, mark your calendars for the International Sportsmen Exposition in February.  I went with a girlfriend and we were surrounded by men of all shapes and sizes. Most were wearing camouflage clothing and had great interest in the various ways of hunting. While this didn’t appeal to us, if you like the outdoor hunter type, this is a woman’s haven. Just dress appropriately as jeans and heels don’t cut it (my friend and I stuck out like snow white bunnies in a forest).

These are just a few places to try and to kick start your own brainstorming. There are plenty of places to meet Scottsdale singles.  Look at the online calendars and see if there’s something new you can try or visit.

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