Where to Meet Women

where to meet women

As a Phoenix Matchmaker and Dating Coach, I get a lot of questions about where to find women. Men want to know where they hang out, what they like to do, where they usually go for dinner. I guess this isn’t really all that unusual–after all, women often ask the same questions about men!

The answer is closer than you might think though.

The truth is unless you’re hanging out in a men’s locker room, women can be found almost anywhere.

Now, keep in mind that certain places have a higher percentage of women. For example, art galleries and such typically hold a female audience. Conversely, sports bars and technical events typically have more men. Don’t let this stop you from going places you like to find women.Because the few women you do meet at these places, will probably have your similar interests.

For example, if you like comics, a woman hanging around in a comic shop, probably also likes comics. Wow, look, now you have one thing in common to talk about! Isn’t that neat? Use it. Ask her about that comic she’s reading, or the niche coffee she’s drinking if you’re in a coffee shop. People who hang out in the places you hang out probably like the same things you do. This gives you some common ground and conversations that are easy.

Where to Meet Women

In the same vein, you can sometimes (but not always!) predict some things about a woman’s personality depending on where she congregates. For example, that cute girl in your graduate class is probably a young professional. This doesn’t tell you much, but it is something–namely that she probably has something going right for her and with that, some maturity backing it up.

You can also predict expectations sometimes based on where you meet someone. To give an example, say you’re at a club known for young people and alcohol. Well, don’t be surprised if that barfly you’re chatting up only wants a one-night-stand. Although stereotypes about clubs aren’t always true, keep in mind the venue. If it’s a club known for wild parties, and if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, it’s really better to go elsewhere.

Remember though, sometimes rules can be broken. Don’t think you know everything about a woman based on where you meet her. Remember to take the time to get to know her. Meeting places are a good start, but there’s so much more to a person than their base interests. With that said, get out there and be confident, mister!

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