Which Online Dating Site is Best For You?

Which online dating site should I use?

Scottsdale Dating - Which Online Dating Site is Best For You

Which Online Dating Site Is Best – For You

This is the big question when you decide to start online dating.  Despite the online dating blogs advice – there is no best site for everyone. There isn’t one online dating site that works for everyone  There are thousands of online dating sites – Which Online Dating Site Is Best For You?

The best online dating site is the one that has active members in your area that you are interested in meeting. And some sites are more popular in certain regions than others. For example – JDATE maybe great in New York or Chicago. Here in Phoenix, Arizona, many Jewish singles moan about the lack of people on the site.

Are you looking for someone with certain values and interests?

You may want to meet a  Christian Single, Fitness, Single Parents, Pet Lover online dating site or …..? There are unique sites for almost everyone. From gluten-free to farmers – there is a dating site to fit.

Who is Best?

Many sites boast of the number of members they have.

BUT what they don’t tell you…

Many sites don’t tell you how many members are paying members.  Paying members who can who read your email and send one back to you.

 In these paid online dating sites, many people have created free profiles. This allows them to search, wink but not read or send emails. You may see that someone is “online” but they don’t respond to your email.  Because they can’t. Without being a paying member –  they’re just browsing.

So don’t be sold because an online dating site posts it has a lot of members. Check out the number of active members in your area before signing up for the service.

What about a free online dating site?

Should you use a free online dating site?  On a free dating site, anyone can be an active member send and read emails.  Sound great?

Why Should You Try Online Dating

Phoenix Singles Which Online Dating Site Is Best For You

This isn’t always the best solution either.  The free online site dating sites can have many fake profiles.  With no cost, there is often scammers, bored people posting fake profiles and other bogus profiles.  Plus, there are no financial investments by members. This may result in fewer members having a real commitment to finding a long-term relationship.

Free or Paid Online Dating Site?

A good online dating strategy is to have a paid online dating site and a free online dating site. This allows you have the best of both worlds. And you won’t get burnt out with no replies to your emails or fake profiles.

How to try a paid online dating site?

On most paid online dating sites you can often use a free trial period to see if the dating site works for you.  Make sure you pay close attention to how to terminate your account. You are usually automatically enrolled for another period of time. You may find yourself paying for something you don’t want.

Remember to remove or inactivate your profile. Or you’ll show up as a “member” which others can view. And they’ll wonder why you don’t respond to their emails!

With a free online dating site, like Plenty of Fish, it is a bit easier. If a free online dating site isn’t working for you,  just delete your profile.

You still need to decide which of these paid and free online dating sites to try.

Picking an Online Dating Site

One cool way I found to pick a site is this best online dating site article Best Online Dating Sites.   This list uses independent sources to show which sites have the most traffic.  Why is traffic important. The traffic numbers tell you how many visitors are actually going to that site. That means you will know how active the online dating site really is. And Best Online Datings shows both free  and paid online dating sites.

When you decide Which Online Dating Site Is Best For You,  you have just started.

Write your profile, post great photos and look for red flags in profiles.

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