Why Go Back Online to Find Your One

go online to find your one

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Why Go Back Online to Find Your One


You’ve tried online dating and you’re tired of meeting people who aren’t like their profiles. You Aren’t Finding the Right One Online. But it’s time and I will tell you Why Go Back Online to Find Your One .

People contact you who aren’t often the people you want to meet. You have nothing in common with them. Why you groan – did they contact you?

It takes time to look at their profiles and you’re busy with work, family, friends and living life. You’re just too busy to spend time online with emails and flirts from people you’ve got nothing in common with.

And when you do meet some, it may be a disappointment. After spending time on emails, talking on the phone, you meet. They may be shorter, heavier, older or you just don’t have any chemistry when you meet.

It’s not working like the online dating sites advertising says. Forget it – you’re done. You aren’t finding the right one online.

“Joann, no way am I trying that again!”

I understand. It can take time, be frustrating and most of the people who contact you – aren’t compatible. Yes, as a Virtual Dating Assistant who is many online dating websites for clients – I am reading all those emails. I understand.

And I still recommend – go online to find the right one. The only reason –  Because it works. Why Go Back Online to Find Your One?

The Research is confirming what you’ve seen around you. Online Dating is now the second most common way that people find relationships; the first one is meeting through friends.

Are your friends setting you up lots of fabulous dates?

Can you think of a place where it’s easy to meet lots of singles? Some place you can spend a few minutes or if some people are interesting – spend more time?

No? Then you need to add online dating to your plan on meeting your right one. Because you easily and inexpensively have access to lots of singles 24 hours/7 days a week. Where else can you do that?

I’ve heard it all. A beautiful woman who was meeting tons of men. She is hot, has a great career and bubbly personality but the men she was meeting weren’t looking for anything but a fling. When they found out her age – they said they wanted younger (really not true – but that’s another story).

She groaned when I told her to go online. “I’ve tried that. Everyone lies! They’re too old! It doesn’t work!”  Patiently I heard her vent and then told her to try it anyway.

What did she have to lose? She had gone on tons of dates but hadn’t had success meeting men through blind dates, friends, bars, etc. “FINE!” she said, “I’ll try it but I don’t think it will work!”

And of course – she found the right one online. She’s been with a great guy for 9 months and she’s still thrilled with her man.  Jumping up and down, shout it to the world,  he’s the one – that type of  happy.

Men? I had a male client who was a very successful business owner and was exhausted after a long day at work. He didn’t want to go out after he got home. He had some bad dates. Women who didn’t look like their photos. Women who wanted to get married – right away.  He was really ready to give up online dating and stay single for the rest of his life.

And then he found her online. Discouraged but deciding that he would just give it one last try. He had little hope and wasn’t all that excited about the date. Now married to this lovely lady for over a year and half – he says that all the bad dates were worth it so he could be with her.

It worked for them and it could work for you. What do you have to lose? Except your single life?

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