Why He Didn’t Call After the Date

Why he didn't call after the date

Have You Ever Wondered Why He Didn’t Call After the Date?


Even as you read this, there are thousands of women out there on a first date, and they will be thinking one of two ways. They will either be praying that they never have to see this oaf again, or they will be crossing their fingers in the hope that this will lead to a second date, and a third, and so on. Chances are you have asked yourself why he didn’t call after the date.

So, what about when that date goes great, and yet you never hear from him? He may even have told you that he felt the date was going great as well, but that phone call never materialized.

Why He Didn’t Call After the Date

The most common advice you’ll hear is to just “move on.”

However, that can be a little difficult at first. Your mind is spinning on what you might have “done wrong,” or you ask yourself, “what’s wrong with me?” And your feelings are a bit (or a lot) hurt. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons your phone may not have rung.

  •  He is not available: Sadly, this occurs all too often. Your date may really have gone great, and there could be a real connection.  However, if he is already seeing someone, then that won’t matter much. Attached guys often like to test the waters and see what else is out there, yet they have no intention of ever seeing you again.
  • No connection or chemistry: The date may have gone wonderfully, with laughing, giggling, great conversation and a real connected feeling. Unfortunately, if he doesn’t feel a sexual connection with you, he won’t be calling you back. Let’s face it: You can have a similar time with your friends, but that doesn’t mean you would want to date them, right?
  • He is a wuss: Well, to put it bluntly, if your date really did go as well as you think, you would have heard from him again. Many men have no backbone and will pretend things are going great, even if they aren’t. They will act as though you are the greatest thing since sliced bread, even though they have no intention of calling you. They would rather just not call than look like a jerk on the date.

Why He Didn’t Call After the Date: There are many other reasons why he may not have called back, but these are easily the most common.

Regardless of the reason, whether it’s good or bad, stressing over it won’t help, and in doing so, you may miss out on another guy who may really be “the one.”

And in a way – he did you a favor.

You don’t want to waste time going on dates with someone who isn’t into you. You want to be with those who feel a real connection with you, who want to be with you, and can’t wait to see you again.

If you aren’t quite sure how well you are doing on your first dates or why you’re a great catch and still single, contact me and get the answer to finding love that lasts forever.

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