Why is Joann Cohen the Best Arizona Matchmaker?

How is Joann Cohen Matchmaking Different from

Other Arizona Matchmakers?

Joann has been called the Best Arizona Matchmaker. Here are some of the reasons Why is Joann Cohen the Best Arizona Matchmaker.

  • Locally based. Boots on the ground. Some Matchmakers are not located in the Phoenix area but only use online recruitment strategies only to try and find a man the right woman. This limits them from utiliing all the ways to meet quality women and they’re not meeting women face to face. Joann personally meets with each woman to ensure that their profiles are accurate, assess who they are and if they are the right to meet any of her clients.
  • Money Back Guarantee. Joann is the only Matchmaker in Arizona to guarantee your marriage. If you get divorced from Joann’s Match, for any reason, your entire Matchmaking fee is returned to you. No questions asked!
  • Only Matchmaker who accepts Men only as Matchmaking Clients. That means Joann is laser focused on finding a great match for you. She understands and appreciates the unique desires and needs of each of her clients.

Men only meet women that Joann feels is the best match for them. You’re not wasting time and money meeting women who paid to get in front of the line to meet you.

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  • Limited Number of Clients. Joann only takes a limited number of Clients so she may fully focus on finding them their life partners. You can relax knowing that you will be treated as a VIP. Because Joann limits her clients, she has the time to find you the right match, consult and just talk as you need
  • Premium Matchmaker Only. You work exclusively with Joann and only she finds and introduces you to your matches. Some Matchmakers will relegate you to a junior Matchmaker and charge you a premium price to work with the most experienced Matchmaker. Why hire a Matchmaker if you aren’t working with the Best?
  • Unlimited Matching. Hopefully the first match is the right one. But what if it isn’t? While some Matchmakers have only a pre-determined number of women you will meet, Joann doesn’t have that limits. Sure, it isn’t speed dating. But Joann’s driven to find you the right one. If that means you should meet more women, then you meet more women.
  • Your Agreement can be “frozen”. Life happens. Love happens. If for any reason, you need to take a break from matching, you can freeze your contract for up to 4 months. This means if you want to focus on a great match and not meet more women, your contract will go on hold for up to 4 months.

How Does Joann Cohen’s Matchmaking for Men Work?

  • Certified Online Recruiter – Joann combines traditional matchmaking with 21st century sourcing techniques. She will find women in real life AND combine it with certified online sourcing. Joann’s CIR and CSSR certifications provider her with all the tools to find the right woman, wherever that woman is.
  • Master’s Degree with a focus in Human Relations and Counseling. Joann isn’t a counselor but has the education, certifications and matchmaking experience to help you make the best choice for your life partner.
  • Experienced Dating Coach. Joann is nationally recognized as Phoenix’s Top Dating Coach. Most Matchmakers don’t have the expertise of coaching men in the real world to meet women, Virtual Dating Assistant, Dating Apps, practice dates, body language and more. Joann’s expert knowledge helps troubleshoot any problem areas and create your personal Strategic step by step plan with proven results.

Is Joann the Best Phoenix Matchmaker?

  •  Support when the Contract is Over. Many matchmakers don’t provide the ongoing follow up after the matching to ensure you have a life long relationship. When you are matched by Joann, she is always available to talk about your relationship, question or concerns.

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