Women – “Dressing” for Your Age

Woman - Dressing Your Age

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Brian Swan, Right Hand Man Image Consulting

A common concern for Women – “Dressing” for Your Age.  You don’t want to dress too young or too matronly.  Your style should evolve with you as you continue to mature. Changes in your career, lifestyle, mindset, body and age are all things that can cause your style to change. As you grow, so should you wardrobe in essence.  Here is a guide to how to dress to impress at any age.

Twenties: At this stage in your life you are starting to really figure out who you are. So trying out the same items you had in years past may work but get boring. It’s time to add some flare to it by getting bolder colors and form fitting items. This doesn’t mean you need to wear pieces that are too tight and revealing. Keep in mind you are still on a career search so you must be mindful of the image you are portraying.

Ladies, for a relaxed look, go for something simple yet sexy. A white tank top, jean shorts, nude pumps and a red bag is perfect! Also add on accessories like a necklace, earrings and/or bracelet’s. For evening wear, look for pieces that silhouette your body well. Try an off the shoulder dress, strapless one or even a nice blouse and skirt. This is also a great time in your life to try out those heels you have been dying for.

 Thirties: Much of what you learned in your twenties will flow through to your thirties. Staying trendy is okay here but be mindful of your body. If you have had some life events like children, your body may be slightly different. If you are a little heavier than before this doesn’t mean buy clothing that is baggy on you. It still needs to be fitted for your body. You don’t need to over accentuate your curves but still compliment them. If you happen to be a little heavier, stray away from horizontal lines in pieces. Monochromatic colors will work well for you if you feel heavier in some areas. They are colors like black, grey, chrome, brown etc. However, if you use those colors more often in your wardrobe, add in splashes of color with accessories and items.

 Forties: At this stage you may feel you’re fashionably out of touch. Maybe you have been busy with raising your family or career. Maybe your body is not where you want it. How do you get back to being stylish? You don’t have to because you never left! You just need to become acquainted with the updated styles of things you may already have and make them work for your current lifestyle. Again, it is key here to buy items that fit your body. Nothing too baggy or too tight. Forget the saying of “middle aged”. It is all a mindset truly. You don’t need to be super trendy like wearing wallet chains or anything. Ladies, grab those skinny jeans and sheer vest or blouse. Maybe even go for the pin up look by grabbing a hair wrap and putting your hair up! Don’t lose your personality in your life. Bring it out in what you wear!!

 Fifties:  At this point, you should know your body and have settled into it. This doesn’t mean it’s time to start wearing wall paper inspired fabrics either. Ladies it can get confusing on what is considered sexy here. Cleavage is one of those areas that has a fine line. Try wearing great body forms like under boat-neck tops, button-down shirts with the second button undone instead of the third, or lower scoop necks to expose the collarbone and look more sexy. Show off that sexy neckline! Grab those loose yet still fitted pieces that have a nice feel to them. Choose good fabrics that make you feel great when it’s on.

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