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Matchmaker Guarantees with Joann the Phoenix Matchmaker

Guarantees with Joann Cohen Matchmaker

What are Your Phoenix Matchmaker Guarantees?

When you are working with any business, you want to know what the guarantees are. You’re a man looking to work with a Matchmaker who not only says what she will do. She guarantees what she will do.

Joann Says What She Will Do.

And she guarantees what she will do –  In writing.

Here are the guarantees working with Joann the Phoenix Matchmaker.

  • Money Back Guarantee. None of Joann’s Clients have gotten divorced. This is due to the care of the matching and screening of potential matches. How confident is Joann will match you? If you get divorced for any reason, You will receive 100% of your entire Matchmaking fee refunded. No questions asked.

Is Joann the best AZ Matchmaker?

  • Joann personally meets with each Arizona woman one to one. This avoids the online dating surprises of someone looking and being different than her profile. Ensuring that the women you meet have been hand selected. Joann usually meets with four women to every woman you meet.
  • Accurate Information. You will receive up to date information about your match with correct age, status and data. No more guesswork wondering the real age and status of a woman you meet.

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  • Screened matches. Only Joann personally meets each woman, she checks i.d. and runs a background check using beenverfied. You can relax and make the connection with women who have proven to meet your criteria.

Your Guarantees Working with Joann the Phoenix Matchmaker

  • Personalized Service – you work only with Joann. Sure, Joann has a team of the best photographers, image consultants and other experts to ensure each client’s success. But all the selection and matching are done exclusively by Joann. You won’t be relegated to working with a Junior Matchmaker or intern or have to pay extra to work with Joann. You want to make your best financial and time investment by only with working with the Best Scottsdale Matchmaker for you.

Joann Cohen Matchmaker guarantees

  • Feedback after each meeting each match. You will find out if a woman is interested and any information that will help you in future dating. No more wondering why a woman wasn’t interested.


  • Personalized search to find your ideal mate. Not only does Joann have thousands of attractive women, as an experienced Recruiter she knows you can’t just rely on a database. Joann has the certified expertise to create a recruitment plan customized to find your idea match.


  • VIP Concierge Service – Not only does Joann find the women you want to meet as well, she plans your special evening when you meet. That means you can relax and make the most important connection in your life.

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These guarantees do not apply for women who are looking for Joann’s Matchmaking. As Joann only accepts men are clients, Joann can’t guarantee dates or matches for women. If you’re a woman, learn more how you can meet one of Joann’s Fabulous Male Matchmaking Clients by clicking here

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